Favourite names / IOS

Hey Kurviger team!

I see continued improvements with the app. Nicely done.

I’d like to have a more automated way to name and save my Favourites.

I always name my Via Points and when I want to save one as a favorite I have to type the name again.

Can you pre populate the Favorite name with my Via Point name?


Have you tried this with 3.3.4? I just tried this and this works for me.

Yes. On iPad no go



after rename the Point you leave the point once and mark it again then the correct name is in favourites.
I cannot reproduce the behaviour on the iPhone.

Here on:
OSM-Datumsstempel: 10.7.2024
Version: 3.3.4
Device: Apple - iPad13,4 - iOS: 17.5.1 - WebView: 17.5.1
App-Version: 3.3.4 - 1907
Screen: 834 x 1194 px - 2dppx

I see.

  1. Give the waypoint a name
  2. Tap on the waypoint circle again
  3. Tap the Yellow Favorite star and the name appears.

Good, but isn’t step 2 redundant, I cannot think of a use case where step two is useful.

Let’s vote for removing the requirement for step two


Thanks for reporting, we will have a look :+1:

This should be fixed with version 3.4.0 :slight_smile: - thanks for reporting.

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