Favorite route section feature proposal

Hi everyone,

(sorry, this post got longer than i anticipated… :sweat_smile: )

this is my first post here, and also I’m quite new to kurviger.de and the Android app.

Today, while exploring the area with a kurviger.de-generated “Rundtour”, I had an idea for what would be a really cool feature. I’m a software engineer by education, so I’ll use the well-known “user story” format to describe it:

As a motorcycle rider who wants to find the ideal twisty roads in his area, I want to be able to tell my navigation app when I particularly enjoyed a specific section of the route, so that this route section can be prioritized while planning future tours.

The workflow I am envisioning is as follows: While riding along a randomly-generated tour and encountering a bunch of great curves with ideal road surface, beautiful scenery and little traffic, I want to be able to stop at the side of the road and - ideally without taking off my touchscreen-capable gloves - tell the app that I want to mark that route section as a favorite route section. Ideally this should work by just tapping a menu item, and then the app would attempt to guess the most likely start of the section (typically the exit of the last village, or maybe the last intersection, or maybe the last change of the road’s denomination), and it would set the end of the section to the current location. Since the heuristics of the starting point wouldn’t always deliver good results, there probably needs to be a way for the user to move the starting point along the ridden route. That should be feasible even with gloves on, because the positioning of the coordinates only needs to be done along a single dimension (i.e. along the ridden route).

The second part of the feature would be the consideration of these marked-as-favorite route sections while planning another tour: There should be another checkbox under Advanced Options that says “Prioritize favorite route sections”. When planning a tour that has a waypoint close to any of the favorite route sections, and the checkbox is checked, the planning would be influenced in such a way that the favorite route section gets included in the tour, even if that means a detour.

Having said all that, I realize this would probably be quite a bit of work. But it wouldn’t just be an awesome feature, it could even serve as a kind of feedback mechanism, which could be used to improve routing for everyone. Say 5 or more (big data! :wink:) users “tagged” a certain route section as favorite (and that information is transmitted to your server), you could bias the planning for all users, so that more people can enjoy this particularly great route section :slight_smile:

I guess there will be someone suggesting to use favorite waypoints to accomplish something like this. But there are a few problems that I see with this approach:

  • You would have to semantically group two (or more) waypoints together, one as the start of the route section, and one as the end of it
  • You would have to include these two (or more) waypoints (in the right order) manually into future tours while planning them. That is quite a hassle.
  • Setting the two waypoints while at the side of the road would require much more interaction with the app than the workflow I proposed. It would definitely require to take off the glove(s), because you would have to set the waypoint coordinates in X/Y dimension as well as entering names for the waypoints, so that you can identify them as start/end of a favorite route section in future tour planning.

Thanks for the interesting proposal. Yes doing that would be tricky.

Only doing this for points would be easier than for segments of a road. So users could identify favorite points and (maybe) points that they want to avoid.

So I think at least as a first stage, this would have to be limited to points.

I really like this idea and I have been thinking about something like this, but, his gets quite tricky the more you think about it, so yeah, this could be interesting in the future.


Also favorite points are already available via bookmarks.

Yes, but they are not considered for the routing, unless they are added as waypoints. I think the idea of this request is to add favorite sections per user to change the routing algorithm, which is quite tricky.