Export .gpx - not working

It looks like the Kurviger app is not supporting the export of .gpx at this moment. I am on a iMac with OS Monterey 12.6. When I export a route I created as a .gpx it is empty/blank and it reads ‘unkown’. Anybody having the same problem - what is the fix? On Windows 10 no problems.

Could you provide more information about this error? We recently updated parts of the exporting logic.

What browser are you using?
Could you check if using a private / incognito window fixes the issue? If yes, there could be an issue with the cached version of the website.

I used Safari. Yes, via private window it does work.

Ok, so this is most probably related to a local caching issue.

I would recommend to close all tabs / windows with Kurviger open. Try to empty caches and reload the website.

I will check if we can further improve the cache handling in the future :slight_smile:.