Export Garmin GPX (offline)

Compare Simple gpx and the Garmin gpx.
Non Garmin apps ignore extra by extensions.

In attached zip find “simple gpx and + extra = Garmin gpx”.
Compare gpx simple plus and Garmin extra.zip (2.3 KB)
Without timestamps nor elevation. (Optional)
View and compare by Notepad ++ (Plug in compare)

Find in the examples extra info in gpx point element cmt. As this is what the gpx standard says:
cmt = Comment (Optional)
Short point description to display on your GPS. Some receivers do not display comments.
Example: Shown In top panel @ navigate: “Bareldonkkapel”.

desc = Description (Optional)
Point description, information you can use to store notes about the location. Not to be displayed on your GPS.
Example: “De Bareldonkkapel, Donkkapel of Kapel van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Zeven Weeën is een kapel in het gehucht Donk in … etc”

Idea: Garmin specific gpx route Shaping/Via point export
Max 31 Via Points/route and max 50 Shaping Points/segment.

New: A nice to have TRACK distance tickmark indicator on/off tool.

Garmin gpx export. (wpt+rte+trk)
Ticker schedule points 2/50 (Shaping/Via)

  • The Kurviger Custom Via Points are exported as gpx waypoints.
  • The TRACK distance ticker points are exported as gpx route waypoints.
  • The Kurviger track is exported as gpx track

Example file:
Motorbike_Kurviger_wpt_2km tickmark rte_trk.gpx (199.1 KB)

Mapsource route recalculation shows only few slight (expected) deviations from origin track.
By missing the hardware for a test. Someone ?

This of course relieves the pressure to present an offline Garmin gpx export solution :wink:

Additional comment on the above test with the track distance ticker.
The track distance tickmarks, as routewaypoints, are precisely synchronized with the track position, such does not mean are synchronized with individual trackpoints!
https://www.gpsvisualizer.com/convert_input The distance tickmarks where generated by track import and the function: Add equal-interval tickmarks as waypoints.