Export files - not all types available in app

Hi there,

last motobike season the app worked perfect. Today I wanted to export a created trip, but the app only offered the following file types for export and save on my mobile

  • kurviger (offline) (*.kurviger)
  • gpx (offline) (*.gpx)

my issue is, that I need an *.itn file to be exported. Else I cannot transfer the planned route via bluetooth to my TomTom Rider 2013.

Now the really strange thing: If I open a browser first on my mobile, then search for kurviger and open the app in the browser, everything is fine, I still can export all file types:

  • gpx
  • kurviger app
  • garmin
  • tomtom 5-8
  • tomtom 9.5

Would be really great if the app itself would continue supporting the export of all file types, not only kurviger and gpx.

[edit] mobile: Huawei Mate 20 lite, Android 10.0 [/edit]


The advanced route transfer is available in Kurviger Pro.

OK, ich habe jetzt die Pro App gekauft, das funktioniert einwandfrei :smiley: