Error while trying to import an existing route

Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘boolean java.lang.String.startsWith(java.lang.String)’ on a null object reference

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Device: Google - Pixel 6a - Android: 13 - WebView: 109.0.5414.117
App-Version: 3.0.3 - 401

Got a new mobile and was playing around. While trying to import an existing route in K3 I received error message shown above. Do I make a mistake?

Can you provide the imported file causing the error?

Sure, here it is.
Sa Touring 2 (176km-3,5h).kurviger (43.9 KB)

Thanks for letting us know. I have an idea where this error might come from.

How do you open the file? Filebrowser? Cloud?

Hi Robin,

on my mobile I clicked in K3 app on import file and choose the file in total commander to open from the directory on my mobile device. Then I receive the error message. Interresting is, as I uploaded the *.kurviger file here in the forum and try to open it, it works. My device asks for the app to be used and it opens the route. No idea why I have this.

Did you use TotalCommander again to open the file that you uploaded? Or did you use the browser this time?

I used Total Commander to open the file. After tapping on the selected file, my device asks which application shall be used for the *.kurviger file. I select K3 and the route is properly opened:

But if I open first the K3 app, tap then on Import, I get the error message

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Do both files have exactly the same length?
I am thinking about the overwrite issue:

This happens with all my *.kurviger files. I have only one file to import, not two. Looks to me more like the source path while trying to import within the app is not recognized or buggy. I can even open the file in K3 after trying to import it, but only if I take the file and tell my device to use K3.

Thanks for providing more info about this @hellsguenni. I could find the issue for this and have applied a fix for this. As this issue is not our code but in a library we use, let’s hope this gets included in the library soon.

So let’s keep the fingers crossed :blush:

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Our fix was already accepted and we can add the fix with the next update, thanks for reporting this :+1:

This should be fixed with 3.0.4. - if not, pleas let us know.