Eleveation Observation

I use the application with mi/ft, but the elevation is always displayed in meters. It is not a big issues, but it is inconsistent. I see it on my iPhone, Android, and the web app.

Could you clarify? Are you talking about the elevation diagram? It is shown in ft for me.

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Here is a screenshot from my iPhone. The “Unit of length” under route settings is set to mi/ft, but the elevation is displayed in meters. I have the same issue on the Android app.

It is not a big deal, but a bit inconsistent. I hope this helps.

Seems only to be in Follow-Mode?!

No, the problem also exist in the regular navigation mode.

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Big question mark on my side now. Could you paste your debug info, and / or check for updates.

With route:



OSM date stamp: 5/14/2024
Version: 3.3.2
Debug information:
Device: motorola - moto g53 5G - Android: 14 - WebView: 124.0.6367.124
App-Version: 3.3.2 - 2938
Screen: 412 x 915 px - 1.75dppx

I use Kurviger 3.3.2. on my Android phone. It now displays the ft instead of m.

On my iPhone 14, I also use version 3.3.2, but it still displays the elevation in meters. Reinstalling the app didn’t fix the problem. I get the elevation in meters in the navigation and follower mode.

Device: Apple - iPhone14,7 - iOS: 17.4.1 - WebView: 17.4.1
App-Version: 3.3.2 - 1411
Screen: 390 x 844 px - 3dppx

I was able to capture the following error when I changed “Detailed Information” to Off. Generating the error is not always repeatable.


This is currently a known issue for the iOS BETA, the navigation currently only shows meters, we are planning on showing mi/ft here as well :slight_smile:.

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