Early Bird Sale

Hi, I have an older subscription, which I bought a few months ago and which allowed me to use navigation mode in the past. Now I realized, this option is not available anymore. Unfortunately, I only noticed this late and the early bird pricing is not available anymore. Any chance to still get the upgrade to the new Tourer+ subscription with the early bird pricing?

Sorry to hear that, unfortunately the sale as well as the end of the sale is automated and we can’t change that sorry :frowning:.

disappointing to hear that, given it is only a few hours past the early bird promotion. in this case, how can I get a refund, given I cannot use the navigation mode anymore?

Just to make clear.
During the first test phase (from ~Dec to ~June) navigation was free without any subscription.
Your Tourer subscription was and still is for planning.

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thx, but not really making it clear… I was able to use navigation in July and August as well

Hi, one question. I would like to buy Kurviger Tourer+. When I try with the mobile it shows the early bird sale with price of 19.99 €/year. When I clickon buy it 29.99€/year.

Hi Rider, I’m sorry the early bird sale has ended just yesterday, and this is an automatic process, we can’t extend that in the system currently :frowning: It seems there is some small caching issue, which is why you still saw the notice, but the payment system is the one which is correct here

Maybe you haven’t updated to the latest version in Google Play. We released the update that enforces Kurviger Tourer+ in mid July.

We are offering refunds for 30 days, if you purchased your subscription in the last 30 days, please send me your Kurviger account as a PN and I will cancel your subscription and issue a refund. That said, Kurviger Tourer never included navigation, so it’s not a feature we have removed from the subscription.

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