Display "Wert: Kein Wert eingetragen"

not a real problem, I am just wondering:

  • created a route by just setting start + destination: https://kurv.gr/VNEn7
  • show elevation diagram
  • move mouse pointer over the elevation diagram
  • both cursors (map and elevation diagram) show “Kein Wert eingetragen”

Might be a bug …

Regards Markus

Ahh - sorry, I think I understand: If available, special properties of the road are displayed there ( eg. “tunnel”, “unpaved road”) - if no property is entered, the text “Kein Wert eingetragen” is shown.

Perhaps in that case it would be better to remove the complete row in both cursors, so users, who did not read the documentation of that feature (as me :innocent:) won’t be confused …

Remark: In the route where I saw that text first was no segment where anything other than “Kein Wert eingetragen” was displayed - so I did not understand. In a route as the demo route supplied above, where also other texts are shown, it is easier to understand.

Thanks for the feedback, yes the naming is not 100% ideal. Do you have a better idea how this label could be named?

wie wäre es mit: noch kein Karteneintrag vorhanden…

I agree.
Especially in “Route information” there is no value in > 95 % and the row could be omitted. May be you name it “Additional route information” in the diagram …

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In “Elevation” the information is redundant in my opinion.

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So only in “Speed limit” the row is really relevant - instead of “Value:/Wert:” you could show “mi/h:/km/h:” followed by the limit and in case of absence “missing in OSM/nicht in OSM”.

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Just my 2 cents, Robin! :wink:

Not really - my 1st idea was “Kennung” on the left, and Text “keine” if none given. But in that case I would prefer to remove the whole line.
In english perhaps it could be “tags”.
I have to do more tries with the display, especially with display of max. speed etc., to get an better understanding. But I will postpone that because I want to do that on PC, not on tablet.

Unfortunately, not showing this is not that easy (sounds weird I know :slight_smile:).

For the other 5% it is still valid and important if you don’t know the colors?

Yes that might be indeed a better wording, thanks for the proposal!