Direct access to Google Drive or Dropbox

It would be great if the Kurviger app would offer direct access to common cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Therefore it would be much easier to organize your routes, escpecially if you’re using different devices and platforms.

Have fun and ride safe!


+1, but probably a lot of the sexiness of this feature request will be gone once the Personal Accounts will be implemented in Kurviger and you have all your routes in your account anyway as soon as you log in…

That would definitely be a great feature. But the space for keeping the data stored isn’t free so you would have to pay for it. On other plattforms (like MyRoute-app) there are a lot of poeple who are not willing to pay for such a service. And you’ll need an appropriate frontend for managing all your routes.

After all I’d prefer if Robin and Emux concentrate on making Kurviger website and app better with every new version. In my opinion that’s really enough if they offer a good interface to a common cloud service, so that everyone can organize his routes with his personal system.


Das Thema ist zwar schon etwas älter, da aber gerade wieder bei mir das Problem aufkam hänge ich mich hier mit dran. Inwieweit ist ein direkter Zugriff auf Google Drive geplant? Eine zusätzliche Speichermöglichkeit über kurviger benötige ich persönlich nicht.

The topic is a bit older, but because the problem has just come up again, I’m hanging on to it here. To what extent is direct access to Google Drive planned? I personally don’t need an additional storage option via kurviger.

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And I don’t need a direct interface to cloud services either. I easily can import directly from any dropbox-subdirectory and the export goes through my download directory - just a copy away.

That would be a nice alternative, since implementing own user profiles with proper server structure is not trivial (or free) work.

Would be difficult to support every cloud provider, especially if each one has its own API and they don’t play with regular files, but with exotic formats - like new Android for public storage.

Google Drive seems a nice first candidate since all Android users have automatically a Google account and so access to the Drive.

Nevertheless it’s a “nice to have” feature and I could consider it after more of the core features are implemented.

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Wolken sind für mich persönlich uninteressant…

Ich würde mich auch über eine Google Drive Funktion freuen aber dann sollte die Kurviger Web das auch unterstützen.

The app (or the website) does not need to support anything specific.

You can store your collections of kurviger routes, gpx tracks, bookmarks, etc.
in any free storage service, desktop + mobile are automatically synchronized.

And when you click your cloud files on mobile, then the app could open them.

You can organize / sort / filter / search your folders + files in all possible ways.
Such wide range of functions can never be provided in custom app solutions.

And you have the total control of your data. They are always safe (locally too).


Das ist bekannt wie Google Drive funktioniert aber es wäre schön wenn man direkt aus der App oder Website in GD speichern könnte.

Es macht keinen Sinne erst alles lokal zu speichern, um dann alles wieder bei GD zu speichern. Es ist ein Wunsch mehr nicht :slight_smile:

I save to a local folder, so always available, even offline.
Once online with dropsync to dropbox folder. Simple and good.