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Direct access to Google Drive or Dropbox


It would be great if the Kurviger app would offer direct access to common cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Therefore it would be much easier to organize your routes, escpecially if you’re using different devices and platforms.

Have fun and ride safe!



+1, but probably a lot of the sexiness of this feature request will be gone once the Personal Accounts will be implemented in Kurviger and you have all your routes in your account anyway as soon as you log in…



That would definitely be a great feature. But the space for keeping the data stored isn’t free so you would have to pay for it. On other plattforms (like MyRoute-app) there are a lot of poeple who are not willing to pay for such a service. And you’ll need an appropriate frontend for managing all your routes.

After all I’d prefer if Robin and Emux concentrate on making Kurviger website and app better with every new version. In my opinion that’s really enough if they offer a good interface to a common cloud service, so that everyone can organize his routes with his personal system.