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Deviations on Mobile Devices

Continuing the discussion from PROBLEM: Navigation header information disappears:

Let’s move the discussion here. Working with the forum on mobile works way better than with Google Groups, but yeah some things are not ideal, maybe we can find a solution for this :).

Ok. :+1:t3:
The other difference between pc and mobile was creating Groups of Tags, did not find a button.

Ah yes, advanced moderation functions might not be available on mobile devices. I do most of my work on the desktop anyway, mobile is only an “emergency option” for me. And 90% of the functions seem to work well on the mobile. Maybe we should ask the guys from Discourse if some things could be fixed if it bothers us?

Same for me. :+1:t3::smile:

But sometimes I use the time like now in front of the tv for moderating … :wink:


I never use the PC. Instead I do all of the planning on my mobile device.
People are so different, one cannot make a shoe that fits all…

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Perhaps that is a misunderstanding: We were talking about using this forum and the moderating job …

(See category = Forum inside! :wink: )

Ofcourse planning a route I usually do only on the road by app, only in a few cases by browser version.

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Ah… sorry… you are right, I missed the point :confused:

no prob at all :smile: