Delete only the route not the overlay

Hi Kurviger team,

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for the outstanding work you’re doing. I went through the recent discussions but since my proficiency in German is limited, I’m reaching out in English. Apologies if this topic has already been addressed.

I frequently import downloaded routes from various sources. Typically, I remove the imported route while retaining the overlay. I use the overlay as inspiration to create a new route. However, recently I’ve encountered an issue where selecting the option to remove only the route also deletes the overlay. Is this a known issue under investigation, or am I possibly overlooking something?

Once again, thank you for your exceptional work!

Thanks for letting us know, this is not a known issue, could you explain how exactly you are reproducing this?

I have just loaded and deleted everything possible, track, route overlay etc. I could only delete what I wanted to delete.

Hereby a movie to the issue. I load a route from the could. And remove the route, normally I draw a new route based on the overlay to adjust the route a bit. In the past when i used the button remove route, the “overlay” was still there. Now everthing is gone when i use that button.

Just was working on a route for an upcoming trip. Issue is only there when loading a saved route to the cloud. When importing a GPX it is working fine.

Ah yes, ok got it. So the magenta cloud overlay is supposed to go away when you delete the route. You can load the overlay as “red” overlay from the drop-down:

This is currently a bit irritating and we hope to improve this sooner rather than later.

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Thanks for your answers, this solves the issue for me! I was not aware of this option.