Delete Account does not work, how can I contact Kurviger?

I created my account via google and I like to delete the account.
However, after clicking on the delete account button, it just spins as it tries to load something but nothing happens. Since I created my account via Google, I have no password. Setting a password requires an old password that I don’t have.
So I’d like to contact Kurviger to delete my account. How do I do that as they just refer to the forum?


Just see my private message … :wink:

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I just checked your account, you have linked a Gmail Account and an Email-Login. It is an email address from If you have an email login, we ask for your password.

You can reset your password during the login.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot!
I remembered the connection and entered the password. Then it worked just fine.

A suggestion: Would be nice to have some popup or information instead of just a circling button.

Great to hear that it worked :+1:. Thanks for the suggestion, I think we could further improve the UX here.

A related question: How can I delete my account in the forum?

I just clicked on the delete account button and then the button just disappeared. But seemingly, I have still my account :smiley: Thanks!

You should be possible to delete your account in your profile, I will go ahead and delete your account :+1: