Define segments in KM

[EN] I have a question. When I completed to define my tour how I can define segment based on distance? For example I decide to cover everyday 200km I need to define in the track a starting point and from there automatically see next point on track after 200km.
Is it possible?
Thanks to all can help.

That’s not possible at moment. But: you may help yourself by using the elevation diagramm. With “mouse over” on the elevation diagramm you can drive along the route and see the 200 km marks in the map.

an overview - not really helpful I guess

but im zoomed in you see the next city for a hotel …


Thanks @zaphod_42 that solved my need…

Bonjour, avec l’application Android je vois bien le diagramme d’élévation mais je n’arrive pas a déplacer le curseur, comment fait-on svp

cliquer sur les points de repère sur la carte

Bonjour, je ne comprends pas, exemple je vois le repère 150 km sur le diagramme d’altitude, comment retrouver cet endroit sur la carte avec mon application Android car si je clique sur 150 km avec mon doigt sur le diagramme il ne se passe rien et le curseur reste bloqué sur 0 Km. Merci de votre aide (il n’y a pas de souris évidemment sous Android)

Malentendu, tape les points dans le kart

Désolé, mauvaise traduction, j’ai pas compris ta réponse

I see the same issue: I can not move the cursor, neither by tapping on diagram nor by tapping on waypoints.

If I tap on the diagram, the route is centered on the map.

This behaviour is the same in app and browser (Chrome on Android).

Motobylette’s screenshot was from a tablet. I’m sorry but the tablet app is still being worked on, it’s quite tricky to set up and wasn’t one of our priorities during the launch. The elevation diagram is not clickable on the app on tablets. On the website, you can drag a small area on the elevation diagram to jump there, simply clicking on it does not do anything

If you have good design suggestions for the elevation diagram, we are very much open for your input


You are right - I am also using a Tablet.

Dragging a rectangle in diagram of website also does not work (on tablet)…

But for me that is neither important nor urgent.

Hmmm - my expectation was: If I tap on diagram and move finger left/right, cursor is moved left/right by the same distance (cursor should not be moved tontap position, it is too inaccurate)