Default positioning

As a Kurviger Tourer+ user I would like to change the position of my “center” and also change the default zoom level. I have a feeling that this was possible with the old app or that the default was way better.

With a big mobile phone screen, 6.7 inches, the center of the screen is way too far at the bottom part of the screen.
Also the default zoom level is also too far for my liking. This zoom level is okayish too see what is coming up ahead, but it is too much/cluttered to me therefore I would like too zoom in so I can have less details of other roads next to me and/or ahead of me.

Yes I know I can change both temporary for like 15-20 seconds before it changes it back to it’s default.

It’s also possible to disable the automatic recenter so the app will stay in a static zoom.

Can you explain this a bit more, why would you want to look “back”? Isn’t the road ahead more important?

We do have further improvements for the zoom behaviour on our list already.

Maybe I just didn’t look good at the settings then. Now you have mentioned it I found it. (shame)

A suggestion for this is to seperate the two from the settings. So one setting for the zoom and one setting for the recenter. Because automatic recenter with your own zoom level feels great.

There is way too much road ahead visible with a screen this big. The screen gets a little bit “cluttered” that way.
Another thing is that with my riding position (supersport) I can barely see the bottom part of my screen unless I tilt my head really far down. The suggestion to change the mount is not viable in this case. Moving the center (current position arrow) more towards the center of the screen would be a perfect solution for this “problem”.

You could try the 2D or North orientation. With North the arrow is in the center. With 2D you don’t see that far into to “future”.

North orientation is more in the middle indeed, that is kinda what I’m looking for. Although I would like something similair for the 3D view.

So I want to keep it as a suggestion to move the “Arrow” more in the center in the 3D view. Or let us adjust between a few settings.

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In navigation and follow mode as a user of mostly the 2D view, sometimes the 3D view for 2D and 3D view it would make sense to center the Position Arrow more in the middle. Fix or by setting.
In the past had some critical situations not seeing the coming road due to bendings and the position so near at the boddom edge.