Custom or user POI list

Have an aditional layer for custom POIs or user POIs would be nice.

And a section at the Kurviger where one can upload / download POI lists

Example: POI list with all Motorcycle clubs.

Have you had a look at Favorites? This is pretty much exactly this feature :slight_smile:

Mwah, not quite what I was talking about.

What I was looking for is the possibility to import/export a list of POIs.
Better even the option to upload/download such list on the Kurviger website or Forum.
This so one can share their list with others.

Next to that have the list in such format so one can edit / build the list with a simple text editor or even better in a spreadsheet.

Import/Export is a bit hidden:

They are in GPX and can be edited with any GPX editor (or text editor if you like writing xml :slight_smile:)

Thanks for that hint.

Is that for the app only ??
At least, in the website planner I didn`t find the Favorites option.
Or is that just me ?


It’s available in web and app. The screenshot is actually from the website. You can click on Cloud → Favorites.


I am glad it was just me.

Found it now.

Found als a nice free XML editor in “XML Notepad”
Notepad++ works too, but the XML Notepad makes editing this type of data easier.

I will post my GPX as soon as I have some worth while.


Just as addition

Would be nice to have a dedicated icon for motorcycle related POI.
Like a small motorcycle ??
Can imagine POI like
“Motorcycle club”
“Motorcycle track”
“Motorcycle parts and accessories”(shopping) shops like Louis, Polo, FC-Moto, RAD, …
“Motorcycle Workshop”
“Motorcycle dealership”

Etc etc


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