Current position in north orientation not centered in landscape mode

I always navigate with north orientation in landscape mode. I have now noticed that something has changed with the centring of my current position. When I press the “centre” button, my current position is not set to the centre of the screen, but to about 1/3 of the right edge of the screen. The same during navigation. Here is a screenshot:

I don’t know whether this is a bug or intentional. Last autumn at least it wasn’t like that, but exactly centered on the screen. I can’t remember which app version it was last autumn.

From my point of view, it should look correct like this:

Thank you and best regards

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Device: Xiaomi - Redmi 8 - Android: 10 - WebView: 122.0.6261.106
App-Version: 3.2.5 - 2435
Screen: 360 x 760 px - 2dppx

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Hi Norbert, that was actually done on purpose because there in that “right-side-area” is simply the most space available for the route to be seen.

Actually, in your own example screenshots above, I would say the first screenshot looks better, wouldn’t you agree? In the second screenshot, the left-right combo near Dörrenbach is completely hidden

But yeah, this is totally up for discussion, maybe some other people have an opnion here as well?


as another “north-up”-biker I agree there are many different opinions where to position the symbol in order to show as much route ahead as possible. And the current setting might be a best-fit for the current layout.

Nevertheless, to honour different preferences I suggest to keep the position symbol (instead of the map) fixed on the screen whenever I manually pan the map (and the position symbol) to wherever I prefer according to the route portion ahead.

I never needed the position symbol moving across the map, I’d rather like to see the map moving underneath where I think it optimum to place the position symbol. Exactly as it works without panning.
If centered again, I think the current position is a good compromise.


Hey Patrick, thanks for the quick reply! I can basically understand your explanation. But as always, ask two people and you’ll get three opinions :wink:

I navigate with the north orientation as if I were driving with the map in my tank bag like I used to. Only now with the smartphone, I have the big advantage over the map in the tank bag that I don’t have to flip the map over and my current position is always displayed, as well as a route suggestion that I have previously created and that I can but don’t have to follow. With the disadvantage of the much smaller area on the smartphone. But there’s always something …

That explains how I use Kurviger. It gives me many degrees of freedom. And in general, I really like the Kurviger app! Keep up the good work :+1:

If you asked me, I would spontaneously stick to the exact centre of the screen with my current position, because my eyes can easily hide the overlays while driving, unless I’m consciously looking at them.

However, I don’t have any major problems with the current variant in the “right-side-area”. I will do my next tours with it and then evaluate for myself how I rate it.

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The second image only looks better from your point of view because you only have a small info box in this example. It looks different if you have more information there.

On the right is a good compromise and this has been discussed a lot.

As a “2D” and “3D” user I can say at these options there are many different opinions where to position the location symbol, too. For me it’s located to near to the boddom edge.

:+1: Very fine proposal, not only for “North up”, also for “2D” and “3D”.
Perhaps the developers may be able to offer this eventually selectable in a navigations setting for

  • “Location position on the map”
    • “Standard” (current solution)
    • “User defined” (pannable, as proposed)

Same for me. I think it would be a very nice feature to have a fixed “position” on the screen after moving the position symbol to the “best place” for the current situation, especially in “north up”, but also usually for 2D/3D. Exception: Own Position is outside the display and I’m in mode searching.
I have really often to move my position, also zooming out. Fixing the position and moving the map would be great for me :grinning:

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