Copy cloud to other UID

for safety reasons, I’m using on my new Kurviger Mobile another Google account, as on my daily devices. Now, that I have created a lot of routes in the past, all under my daily account, I would like to transfer them onto my restricted riding (Google) account. Sharing them 1 by 1 is a PITA. Any help?

I think, you can login into Kurviger with same email-address, as the kurviger account is not bound to Google.

Yes you can also add any other email address to the account in the account section:

In general, it is not a security risk to use your main Google account for the Kurviger cloud. We don’t have access to any of your data (other than email address, profile picture…). I would recommend no to create too many different accounts, people tend to forget which accounts they used, happens more often than you would think :wink:

This is not of my concern. If you use Google on a mobile, you have to store the Google account information on the device. This gives you instantly access to a wealth of personal data, as gmail, drive, calendar, contacts …
In case your mobile gets lost or stolen from the bike, this information may fall into hands of IT-criminals, who are apparently able to crack your passcode. On a motorbike, mobiles are very much exposed and easy to dismount from any kind of cradles. Therefore, I prefer to use them w/ a different Google account w/out any personal data in it, which still would me allow to login into Kurviger, use browsers and Googel-maps etc.

You can just use the same email-address on both phones to login into kurviger and use the same cloud data. Same as you would login into your Amazon account or whatever. I do not think you create an Amazon account per phone.


Ok in this case, I would recommend you sign using email/password in the Kurviger app, so you are completely independent from any social logins. You can add this to an existing Kurviger account.

OK, but I have difficulties understanding how this is done. Say, I have currently 2 gmail accounts for accessing Kurviger via Google. (my regular gmail account for everything)
When I try to register w/ Kurviger directly, using one of the the 2 email addresses above, it tells me that the email is already in use. (may be this is a bug??)
That leads me to the following questions:

  1. How can I delete/unsubscribe a Kurviger Account, be it via Google, or directly
  2. Can the google gmail account name be the same as for the account directly registered w/ Kurviger and how to do this.

Best Regards and Froher Ostern

No, do not via Google. Login via one of the above email-addresses, best your standard-address. Then - what does your screen show?

You can change the email - after successful login. For example, I use my private one, no gmail-address, own domain.

In your google-account.

If I login, what password shall I use? The pwd from Google? - Doesn’t work!

If I try to register w/ this email, I’m getting this:

Don’t worry about the visible email, its an empty Google account, which I’m going to delete, oncethe prob is solved.

Hmm. Very confusing. Seems you used a different password here. Last try, otherwise the admins should support, I guess.

Can you check, if you received any email from kurviger. Check your spam folder as well. I guess you received some email during registering …

Hi, I solved the problem as following:
I never registered for direct login to Kurviger and as a logical consequence there wasn’t a password for it. Of course, it could never be the same password as for the Google account, I used for login to Kurviger via Google! A proper new registration was also not possible, as you can see above.
I entered into the direct login mask the Google gmail address and then rather than trying to enter a password, I press the “password forgotten” button. I received a link from Kurviger which enabled me to (re)-set a new password, which previously never existed, hence some registration through the backdoor. With this new password, I was then able to login directly to Kurviger as well as via Google, as I did before.
However, I suggest that you take a closer look to your login methods and may be loose a few words in your documentation, about the nature of these logins, how to create and use them in parallel.


Many thanks your patience and hints!

Yes, reset password is one “backdoor”, you can also use the register email option in the account view:

(you only see this option if you have no email connected)