Cloud: Can create but not delete or rename Route + Favorite Folders

I just noticed that I can create but not delete or rename Route + Favorite folders in Kurviger Cloud. The small rename/delete window opens but no effect. The small gree floppy symbol for saving also seems to have disappered. My normal browser is Firefox. Tried with Chrome → same.

Is this a web site issue or could it be it a problem on my side?

Firefox cache emptied → no effect

Renaming/deleting of routes within the folders also does not work …
Firefox + Chrome same. I am on Win 10.

Thank you for letting us know. :wink:
We’ll check this asap …

Thanks a lot for reporting this issue, there was a nasty little bug, it should work now. Make sure that you clear your cache (or use Ctrl+Shift+R) to receive this fix ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you, problem is solved.

Merry Christmas

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