Change maps

It would be nice, if map-styles could be changed by shortcut (e.g. Esri Street: alt+x, Esri satellite: alt+y).

Interesting idea, do you change them that often? Would others like to use that as well?

For me, it’s not worth setting up a shortcut - but of course it doesn’t disturb in any way.

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If I plan my tours, I always change the maps because I am always looking for a new stopover and unfortunately not all maps have the same hints :frowning::

Here an example:

grafik Liberty

grafik Openstreetmap (Fau)

Schaubergwerk “Volle Rose”

Anyway… in the end of the day I don’t need a short-cut for this. :wink:

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Yes, in detail planning I often change between Esri Street an Esri satellite, e.g. to seach a nice place for a stop.

Ok, I can add this to the todo list and see if this can be done, I am not really sure this will work though, as this would require either many shortcuts or a shortcut using the arrows to switch through the list. Not a high prio item on the list for now though :wink:

That would bei great. Thank You. Perhabs the shortcut could be realized by using the numeric keypad.

Yes, I thought about something like this as well. The biggest issue is that browsers have already many hotkeys build in, so we need to check they don’t intersect.