Change map style in app

Hi Friends,

just a short question: is it possible to change the map style in the app? Something like open topo map? Or is such a feature planned in further updates? Thanks for help.

Do you mean with the offline maps?
Can enable hillshading via map menu.

Or can select some an online map, where OpenTopoMap is an option.

Thanks for your quick reply and yes, offline maps, and yes, hillshading is an option, but not perfect, my question concerned a possibility to use the open topo map style in the app with offline maps, sorry for beeing not exact!
scr JL

OpenTopoMap contains bitmap tiles prepared in server and are provided to the app.
(works similarly on the website)

App offline maps are rendered in real time on the device using a custom map style.

Do you mean to customize offline map colors like OpenTopoMap or something else?
Because hillshading can only be applied on top of offline maps.

thanks, yes, thats what I am talking about!
sc JL

That needs thinking since changing the default map style would affect all users.

Providing function to load external map styles is another option to be examined.
(like Cruiser platform)

By the way have you tried changing map colors via “Settings | Map | Map color”?
(e.g. High contrast)