Can't use Kurviger GPX on my Garmin Montana 650... Any alternatives like Montana 700 or Zumo XT better?

Hi there,

I am a long distance traveller and right now I am planning a round trip trough Europe which will probably take ± 3 months. Planned distance so far is 10000km. But this might change while I am on the road. In the past I always used my Montana 650 like a single point navigation. This means in the morning I checked the maps - selected a point - searcher for it on the GPS (which can become quite annoying) and well - let the thing do his job…

Recently I am using smart phone apps which are very much comfortable if it comes to routing. But for the big trip I still would prefer a proper GPS on the handlebar.

Anyhow… Now I tried to import the first kurviger Route with 49 waypoints to the Garmin. But if I collect the route the Montana asked me to calculate it again and I always get the error “Routenberechnungsfehler” - which means “Error calculating route”…

Other then this I tried to export the files as Shaping Point GPX which didn’t make a change… I also tried to import the GPX as a track instead - but then the Montana does again endless calculating?!?

So - does anyone have a recommendation how to proper transfer my GPX from Kurviger to the Garmin…?!?

I was also wondering if the Garmin Explore App might help in case I get a new Garmin 700 or ZUMO XT… I am kind of tired using a cable all the time as well… But nevertheless - if I got this right the waypoints will be always the limit - right?

Any recommendation is welcome…

Greetings from Germany.

Does this mean 49 waypoints including start and destination? If not: The Montana can handle only 50 waypoints per route (manual), including start and destination you might have 51.
Can you provide your GPX file here?


I know about the 50 max waypoints that’s not the problem… :wink:
I also tried to import it in Basecamp first and then export it to the Montana… But this is a workflow I don’t like at all… BC is like super slow and discontinued anyhow…

I just would like to have my planed route in the GPS as kind of a orientation line. From my experience I always change my route spontaneous. This means the Montana needs to be able to recalculate the route. From this point of view using tracks might be also not the solution… I still hope forum experience might help… I wouldn’t mind buying better devices if there is any out there. My Montana is kind undestroyable - what I like about it…

GPX attached… (Since I am a new user here at the Dropbox)…

Route Italy 2021

I think the Garmin Zumos offer to show a track on map, even without having an active navigation. I am not familiar with the Montana though.

Hi there,

alright - this is the Link to the Kurviger route… Italy 2021

I know it’s more then 50 waypoints and there will be another 100 more most likely. I will update my plannings soon. Will drive to the black see after Italy… :wink:

Anyhow… I still don’t know how to efficiently cut the whole track/route into pieces… Tried the shaping converter this morning. But every time I import it Montana can’t calculate it… ;-(

I exported 1: Route only with max “Stützpunkte”
and 2: Route and Track with max “Stützpunkte”

I would like to try 10 waypoint peaces… but how can I split the whole route - sure manually - but this will be a real pain in the ass job…

THX for the help

I just dusted my 276Cx. I checked that it can store up to 250 GPX tracks witch can be displayed on the screen independently of the navigation. But I failed to display a few traces at once, which seems weird - perhaps this would significantly reduce the smoothness of the display. You can also navigate on the track as well as view its altitude profile.

I would like to add that I sent the traces via a cable from an Android device. After installing the application from Garmin, maybe it can be done via BT (?).

Hi there,

the 276CX is not compatible with the new Garmin Explore App… That’s the tool to transfer wireless to GPS devices… Right now it’s just the Montana 700 and the Zumo XT that support this… (for motorbikes)

I read before that there is a cable out there to connect Android Phone with Garmin directly… Since I am on a Iphone not an option…


And - by the way - I tried Garmin Explore (desktop) this morning and it seems that u have to buy the maps to use it efficiently. But I could import the kurviger GPX. In comparison to Basecamp there is no direct possibility to upload to my Montana. But export is possible… So - it’s basically like the shaping converter for us “old school” Garmin users…

Yes, but there is an old app - Garmin Connect. I think it’s for Android and iOS.

I used the most common USB-miniUSB cable, of course with a USB C adapter on the Android side :slight_smile:

EDIT: At worst, files can be moved on a microSD card.


I just gave up on it and bought a new Zumo XT… Spent hours of trying for something that should be possible within a few seconds or little minutes… Hopefully this will work better. From what I read so far it should be easier possible via the Garmin Explore and Drive App…

So nevermind… And goodbye good old Montana…


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