Can't open App 3.2.1 - Uncaught SyntaxError

Hi Kurviger Team and users,

I have been a loyal user of your services for some time, and recently, I made the decision to support you by subscribing to the Tourer+ plan. After completing the subscription payment, I downloaded the new app version 3.2.1. However, I am encountering an issue. Upon opening the application, I receive the following error message: “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token =”. You will find a screenshot attached.

I followed your advice by updating my Google Chrome browser, checking for updates on Google Play, and ensuring that my smartphone is up to date. I do not use a VPN or ad-blockers, yet the problem persists. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application, but the result remains the same.

Here are the details of my smartphone:
Model: Huawei Mate P20 Pro (LYA-L29)
Android Version: 10
All updates have been applied.
Google Chrome Version: 116.0.5845.164

I am reaching out to request assistance in order to fully utilize the services for which I have subscribed. I hope that the efficiency of your support team matches the excellent experience I had with your tool before encountering this issue.

Motorcycle Enthusiast

Hi Alizee, this is indeed a bit weird :thinking:
Unfortunately I cannot find your error in our bug reporting tool, so we’re poking a bit in the dark, but ok, we’ll manage.

First of all, could you please find also your so called “WebView” version for me?
For that, you go to Settings → Apps → All apps → Find “Android System WebView” in the list or search with the search icon at the top right
The version number will be at the very bottom

On your phone, can you open this link to reset some more caches?

I’ll have a Huawei device for testing earliest on Monday, very sorry about that, but we’ll see if we can find something in the meantime


Hi Patrick,
I followed your instructions and realized that “Android System WebView” was not available on my smartphone. I don’t understand why…

So, I downloaded the latest version of Android System WebView and restarted Kurviger App 3.2.1.

This was a success. I can now enjoy using it! I’ll be able to explore the roads of the French Alps through the app’s navigation. Hooray!

I want to express my satisfaction with your responsiveness!

I hope that my experience can be helpful to others.

Have a great weekend ! V


Whoah that must be some kind of Huawei oddity, crazy that it was not installed, it’s such an important component for a lot of apps. Love that we were able to solve this!

One small addition, I do not recommend using the pre-release version of the WebView, the one with “Dev” at the end. The stable version is the better choice for end users, you can find it here: