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Can't make this simple straight route

[EN] I think I have found an issue with the route calculated by Kurviger
[DE] Ich glaube ich habe einen Fehler bei der Routenberechnung von Kurviger gefunden

[EN] I read the corresponding documentation
I’ve checked Openstreets and can’t seem to find any problems with the road.
[DE] Ich habe die entsprechende Documentation dazu gelesen

[EN] Here is a url to a short example (<10km) that shows the issue:

[DE] Hier ist ein Link zu einer kurzen Route (<10km) die das Problem zeigt:

[EN] Description of the issue and how it should work instead:
Should stay on 25/70 from beginning to end
[DE] Beschreibung des Problems und wie es anstatt dessen funktionieren sollte:

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There had been a wrong turn restriction on OSM.
(forbidden straight on)
I’ve (hopefully) corrected that. I guess “forbidden to turn” should be the right turn restriction here.

In 1-2 weeks Kurviger should work

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Can you give me more exact details on what section of openstreests this option is correct so I can be on the look out of it in the future?
Any other exact details would help.

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Was it this section and the “Only Straight On”

An dem Knoten https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/172072459 kann es nicht liegen?

It can’t be due to the node https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/172072459?

Yes, exactly there.

Before my change it looked like that.

With ID-editor (in the browser) turn restriction are fairly easy changeable:

  • click on the node where the turn restriction aplies.
  • a picture of the intersection apears on the left side.
  • then (on the left side) click on the road where you are comig from.
  • then you can click on the arrows to change.

Mit dem ID-Editor (im Browser) sind die Abbiegebeschränkungen relativ einfach änderbar:

  • Klicke auf den Knoten, für den die Abbiegebeschränkung gilt.
  • es erscheint ein Bild der Kreuzung auf der linken Seite.
  • Dann klicke auf die Straße, von der du kommst (auf der linken Seite).
  • Zum ändern kannst Du dann auf die Pfeile klicken.

Thanks for the change @linux-user. I wonder of the only straight on restriction is even necessary here?

Shouldn’t a no u-turn restriction from the right to the left be enough?

Hmm, you are right.
The “straight on restriction” is superfluous because the “US 25;US 70” is tagged as one-way here.
I think it should look like this:
Coming from the south

Coming from the north
@jfauerba would you like to change it?

I would change it in openstreets if you tell me how?

See my post above:

  • click on the node where the turn restriction applies: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/172072459
  • select “edit”
  • a picture of the “road splitting” appears on the left side.
  • then (on the left side) click on the road where you are coming from. (here the north part)
  • then you can click on the arrows to change.

At the end it should look like this:

Then you can upload it to OSM.

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I think I just fixed it.
Not sure if a U-turn is allow here or not.

You have managed it :+1:
I can’t say from the distance (I live in Germany, Europe) if your change is correct (i.e. does it reflect the situation on site).

Now we have

Coming from north:

  • straight on allowed
  • u-turn allowed

Coming from south:

  • straight on allowed
  • u-turn forbidden (i.e. going to the other lane southward)

Hope this helps