Can‘t Start navigation. Error could not parse Kurviger Models

Im on a longer trip im Norway. Till yesterday the Navigation works fine.

Today i get a error Message:

Can‘t start the Navigation. Error: Could Not parse Kurfiger Models.

Can help anybody?

Did you have an online connection?

Yes, 5g roaming. With Wifi Same Problem.

I have never seen or heard about this message.
Does it happen every time you start navigation, with every route?
Perhaps close the app and remove from memory and restart. If this does not work, you could uninstall, reinstall and login (local history and perhaps already downloaded maps are lost).
Any hint is appreciated to reproduce.

If the problem still exists, can you please take a screenshot of the error message?

… and the debug info under settings. Just click to copy.

Sorry, we don’t want to stress you :sweat_smile:

Yes, it happend with every route to navigate. I try to reinstall the app, delete all app waste, several log out log in,s but same problem.

I also have Android 11, but Webview 124.
Can you check if there is an update in Playstore?

I try. Same issue. The carpe iter tablet force kurfiger to lock screen rotaition by planing. I set it back to normal an back. Both did not work. Pleasd help i didn’t want to use gmaps for the rest of my trip.

I do not understand. We talked about not being able to start navigation, due to error “Kurviger Model”.

Could you update the Webview from 109 to some newer one? Can navigation now be started?

Question about rotation … it rotates in planning mode or navigation? Normally rotation in planning mode mode is not yet supported by the Kurviger app. In navigation mode you can fixate the screen in landscape or portrait to avoid unwanted rotation. But for this you must be able to start navigation …

Anyone wirh Carpe Iter experience can help?

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe das Problem, dass sich die Navigation auf meinem Navi Handy nicht starten lässt.
Abo Tourer+ ist abgeschlossen.

Als Haupthandy benutze ich das Google Pixel 6 (Android 14). Als Navi Handy habe ich mir ein Outdoor Smartphone gekauft (Doogee 96Pro/Android 10). Planung usw. funktioniert alles. Routenimport funktioniert alles. Es wird auch angezeigt.
Sobald ich die Navigation starten möchte, passiert einfach nichts. Als würde der Button “Navigation starten” nicht funktioneren.

Auf dem Pixel 6 funktioniert alles einwandfrei.
Offline Karten sind runtergeladen.
Versuch erfolgte mit Wlan. Im Doogee ist keine Sim Karte.

Hatte jemand schon mal ein ähnliches Problem?

Ci pad can fixed rotaition complete for all applications, also in planing and navigation too.
Works fine till yesterday. After photo stop break the error appear.

Webview was updated to 124, same problem.


To me it sounds as it is an issue with your ci pad, as you have two different issues at the same time. Perhaps a restart of the device can help. As you describe two symptoms, please try to describe clearly. When you write “same issue” and describe two, I can only guess.

No, the only Problem is to start Navigation. Every thing else work fine like log in, cloud Access, Import Route etc.

maybe a gps problem?

Gmaps and locusmaps work perfekt.

Can you start navigation in simulation mode? If not, please can you provide a route link of a route which does not work?

No, simulation mode is not possible. Same problem.