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Can I use your SRTM tile mirror?

[en] I’m responsible for a java PC application called GpsPrune, and up until recently it was able to download hgt.zip files of SRTM data from the USGS website. Suddenly this has stopped working, but a user has pointed me towards your tile mirror:

I don’t know whether this mirror has always existed or whether it’s new, whether it’s official (and likely to stay there permanently) or just temporary (and likely to be moved or deleted). Would it be acceptable use if GpsPrune were to start downloading these SRTM tiles from your website, and would you require some kind of attribution or authentication?
Or alternatively, if that wouldn’t be acceptable, have you got alternative suggestions where I might be able to access this data?
Thanks a lot!

[de] Ich bin für eine java PC Applikation namens GpsPrune verantwortlich, und bis vor Kurzem konnte sie hgt.zip Dateien mit SRTM-Daten von der USGS Webseite herunterladen. Plötzlich geht das nicht mehr aber irgendjemand hat mich auf euren Mirror aufmerksam gemacht:

Ich würde gerne wissen ob dieser Mirror von euch “offiziell” ist (und deshalb wahrscheinlich dort bleiben wird) oder nur temporär (und deshalb wahrscheinlich verschoben oder gelöscht wird). Wäre es für euch akzeptabel wenn GpsPrune anfangen würde, diese SRTM Dateien von eurer Webseite runterzuladen, und wäre irgendwelche Anerkennung oder Authentisierung dafür nötig?
Oder falls das nicht vorgesehen wird, habt ihr andere Vorschläge wo ich die Daten zugreifen könnte?
Vielen Dank!

Perhaps you can get further information on the Mapilion web page:

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Hi, thanks for your reply.
When I look at the “mapilion” website, it seems to be offering map tiles. I’m not asking about map tiles, I’m asking about SRTM data. This is worldwide elevation data provided by NASA and published by the US Geological Survey (USGS). I was told that this data is now being mirrored by “srtm.kurviger.de” so as far as I can tell, “mapilion” is not involved.

Sorry for using the term “tiles”, I agree that’s confusing. In this case it’s just splitting up the elevation data into 1-degree-by-1-degree areas, which they also call tiles. I mean “SRTM file mirror”.

[de] Diese Frage geht um SRTM-Daten (Höhendaten), nicht um Kartenkacheln oder Vektor-Kartendaten.

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For faster response, please contact @boldtrn via mail or message.

(this forum is for the Kurviger App and Website and their routing)

OK then, sorry.
I thought that srtm.kurviger.de was part of the kurviger.de website!

Thanks for the request @activityworkshop. Open source applications can use the srtm.kurviger.de mirror, that is no problem.

Adding a note about Kurviger somewhere would be nice :slight_smile:.

I created that mirror 5 years ago or so to enable GraphHopper to have a stable strm mirror for tests. I don’t have any plans to stop the mirror. However, I don’t maintain the mirror too often, so use it at your own risk :wink:

That’s really great, thanks very much!
GpsPrune already encourages users to save the srtm files locally so I don’t expect a huge amount of traffic. Just let me know if it becomes a problem.
Also it sounds like you’re involved with GraphHopper as well, so thank you for that service too!

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