Can I create a copy of route?

Hi All.

When I’ve created a route on Kurviger, I would like to be able to create one or more copies so I can play around with it: divide it into a number of sections (individual days, or before/after lunch, for example); or add and/or remove sections. But still retain a saved copy of the original route.

I saw a previous thread where the suggestion was to export as a gpx and then reimport that gpx. Is there a more straightforward way of doing this on the website that I have missed?

I plan routes or trips on the website on my laptop, then send them to the app on my android mobile to navigate.


Besides export / import routes as kurviger files (keeping all their options),
can also duplicate Kurviger browser tab (all browsers offer that function).

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Of course! Sometimes the obvious solution misses me :wink:

Thank you.

Just to add, you could also copy the browser url and paste it into a new tab.