Calculate Route Button Does Not Work

Hi all,
The calculate button never is active. How can I get it to actually calculate the mileage and estimated time?

It should look like that:
231km 4h 48min

your post is an “website” things, but:
if you do this in the Android App, you have to push the little down arrow an th right side, then the drop down let you see all planning things.

Nope. The Calculate Route button is dim. Clicking on it does nothing and the mileage does not calculate. Is there a keyboard shortcut? Is there a “manual” thing to click to force it?

Can you please share a screenshot, so w can see how this is looking on your PC.

Do you have some sort of ad-blocker, antivirus etc. active?
See also the documentation.

The Calculate Route button in Chrome is dim and randomly works. In Firefox it works 100% of the time.

Have you checked the link above about your browser? Can you provide more details?