Bosch My Spin / Kurviger app for iOS

With the release of the Kurviger app for iOS you mentioned that Car Play is also on the roadmap.
Unfortunately, there are various manufacturers that don’t support Car Play, but rather Bosch My Spin. (e.g. Ducati Multistrada)
The offering of compatible navigation app with Bosch My Spin is verh limited, and both kurviger and holders of such motorcycles would profit a lot if you would release that feature.
Could you add it to the iOS app roadmap?

Hello and thank you for your contribution.

Could you please be more specific about who the various manufacturers are? Which manufacturers currently support Bosch MySpin?

My personal opinion is that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the standards. I wasn’t even aware of Bosch MySpin and that shows that Bosch doesn’t currently play a role in this area and I’m looking into it a lot.

Where do you see the advantages of the system?

As far as I know a few major manufacturers are using MySpin. For example, according to this article this is BMW, Kawasaki and Ducati: Bosch Splitscreen-Display für BMW, Kawasaki und Ducati |

MySpin is something we have on our radar.

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For sure Ducati, Kawasaki and Suzuki. I don’t have a full list, but would love if you add it. At the moment only an app called Sygic is compatible, which is completely useless.
It would be a big step forward for all bikers owning one of those bikes (like me :blush:)

Bosch announced MySpin 10 years ago, at a time when there was no CarPlay or Android Auto or when these systems were in their infancy.

Even BMW didn’t pursue the topic any further and the new R 1300 GS doesn’t have it either.

Why should there still be a system when Apple and Android now cover this segment well?

The programming guys are of course trying to fulfill all wishes, but with such a small team this will unfortunately take some time.
For now, it’s more important to get things like Apple IOS up and running, and then make further improvements to the app.
Please be patient.