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Bonjour vous Meks


Greetings to everyone from Arnd!
January 2000 I moved from the Ruhr area to the PO. First in Laroque des Alberes, a small mountain village at the edge of the Pyrenees, called Alberes here. After my early retirement I have now landed in Perpignan. After 8 years without a motorbike, there is now a well preserved BMW F650 in the garage.
After a long internet search, I landed at the Kurvinger App. With a waterproof bag the ideal companion on the moped.
Tested however only with the car, with the option “many curves”, one gets then thick arms - ingenious!!!
For the next season Perpignan - San Sebastion and Retour are on the agenda - with “many curves”!! :star_struck:


Welcome to the forum. It’s great to hear that you already had the chance to enjoy Kurviger in the car. I hope you will have a great season ahead. Enjoy all your rides!