BMW R 1250 RT + Connected Ride APP - my waypoints are not exported

i have a new BMW R 1250 RT with the 10,25" TFT. The navigation runs on the Android smartphone connected to the TFT. In the BMW Motorrad Connected Ride APP.

If i plan a tour in kurviger and set some Waypoints manually these waypoints do not show up in the APP and during the ride as visable waypoints (Blue round Tags with a number in the APP). They are exported and used for navigation, but unvisable. So i can not skip them on the bike while riding.
In the past, with BMW Navigator VI (Garmin device) this did not happen.

I am exporting the Tour as Route for this case.
If i export the Tour with Waypoints these waypoints are all visable in the APP, but kurviger creates aditional waypoints i do not need and like to see.

What can i do to get my manuall set Waypoints exported correct?

Regards, Reinhold

Additional waypoints are optional and can be adjusted in the export dialog.

For more details on export, please see the documentation.

Thanks for this tip.
But i can not see how to export only my planned waypoints and not all.
It is not obvious in the export dialog for me and not mentioned in the documenattion.

Here you set how many additional waypoints Kurviger adds.
If you set that number to 0 than no extra waypoint should be added.

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I did not test this before, but it works.
Really funny, with 0 Waypoints it keeps my own Waypoints.
Perfect Solution!

Thanks a lot for this Tip!
Regards, Reinhold

I did an extended Test and added some shaping points to the route.
The bad thing is that the BMW Connected APP shows them also as Waypoints.
Looks like BMW (and Bosch, maker of the mySpin TFT) and TomTom (Map provider) do not know shaping points.
The bad old Navigator VI did know them very well.

May a solution could be to export as track instead route ?

Could be, but i do not like to ride with tracks. This makes it unflexible if something on the road chages or if i want to change something. A route with some waypoints and some shapingpoints gives me the best riding experience.

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Typical BMW software issues. I am using the navigator 6. The worst hard and software I ever bought. Today i have always an additional phone mounted, with running kurviger App.

:laughing: … I can only confirm this… But KTM is no better… I have cut all connections from my mobile phone to both the GSA and the KTM Adv. and only use my smartphone with Kurviger and a directly connected Sena headset with 2 separate bluetooth chips, supporting all channels plus group intercom.

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Yes, BMW Navigator VI and basecamp is really a bad solution, so many problems and bugs and such a slow system.
But the new Bosch mySPIN TFT on the R 1250 RT, connected to the BMW APP on the smartphone is much better. If you use an Android phone and if your charge via USB and not wireless.
With an iPhone you have connection dropouts and interrrupts that it makes no fun. I purchased a smaller Androis phone (Pixel 5) for navigation only. This works well. But if you charge wireless the Phone gets overheated, but wiht USB ist fine and works 1000x faster than Garmin/Navigator.
And in October BWM will have a large Firmware update for the TFT to add features adn improve the iPhone connection.
Overall this is a much better solution than the Navigator i had until end of 2020.