Behaviour of Routing settings can not be saved distinct

I have two issues with the kurviger app:

One is the fact that the Routing settings (e.g. curvy rout, very curvy route etc.) are a little bit hidden under Routing/Options. I would prefer to have the opportunity to select the type of routing right before letting the app calculate the route (when setting the waypoints or better right before starting the calculation). So one can see what is selected and modify the selection directly before starting. I do not think of changing the settings made in Routing/Options but selecting one of the entries (curvy, extra curvy). No being able to do so is a little annoying if you use the app frequently for doing roundtrips or going from point a to b in a spontaneous manner.

The other (annoying) thing (a bug maybe?) is that I can not set different settings for each type in the Routing/Options Menue. I can change them separately, e.g. ticking avoid main roads for the curvy settings and not ticking avoid main roads for the fastest routing, but after saving all settings are set equal, even if I do not choose the combobox entry “All settings”.

Despite of this, I love the app. Great work!

Sorry for my bad translation, I use the app in german language so I kind of guessed the english settings.

Version is 1.12.4 on Android 10

Hi @Neuschwadener,

the routing options (extra curvy, curvy, fast and curvy, etc) are not meant as routing profiles to be saved separately. Curviness is just another routing option like e.g. avoid main roads etc.
You can change it any time. Changing the curviness does not change any of other routing options and is not meant to do so.
If you save the route (=export in *.kurviger format) the curviness is saved together with all the other routing options.

See also here.

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Hi @linux-user,

do you agree, that - even though the settings in the routing options are not meant to be selected separately as routing profiles - the options themselves (curvy, extra curvy and so on) are the preset for calculating the route?
If so, why is there an entry called “all curvy routes”?
This entry does not make sense to me in either way because it does neither make sense as a pre-selection for routing (ok, at least as an “I don’t care at all” selection maybe) as it is irelevant as a “clip” around all options for a common selection for all rounting profiles as you stated because it is not intented to.
But maybe I just did miss the point there.
What about the other guess? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to access the degree of curvyness right before letting kurviger calculate the route?

Best regards

Well, I wouldn’t call it a preset.
At least not in any other way than e.g. “avoid motorways” would be a preset.
The curviness is just one of the routing options, equal to all other routing options.

The “(show) all curvy routes” option is just for convenience.
So you can see all routing variants at once and compare them side by side, to easier decide which one you prefer.

In the same way as you access all the other options like “avoid unpaved”, “avoid motorways” etc.
Again, the curviness is just one of many routing options.

What do you mean with “right before letting kurviger calculate”?
Route calculation is a thing of seconds, and the routing options can be changed any time.

I am often changing the curviness to see which variant i like more.
“(show) all curvy routes” does help here :wink:
To select one variant, just tap on it in the map.

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