Beginner issues GPX Import / Route calculation

Hi Folks,

i am new to navigation and kurviger, saw some videos on YouTube from Rhönschrat, but still not understand the basics.

I have some passes as GPX files which i want to import, and then calculate a route (example below)

What do i have to choose:

Erweitere Route/Overlay
Anzeige als Overlay (visuelle Darstellung auf der Karte)
Berechne Route anhand der Datei

Automatic / Track / Waypoints / Route?

Do i have to set the waypoints manually?
Is there a way, that Kurviger sets the waypoints automatically?

Thank You All

I read the corresponding

Here is a url to a short example (<10km) that shows the issue:

This sounds like Passknacker?

What I would do, if these passes are in a random order. I would load the file as an overlay. Don’t use the route calculating option.

The you will see blue/white dots on the map. Set the start, to where you want to start. Then you can right click on the blue white dots and choose “extend route” and plan a route through theses points.

See also our Passknacker documentation:

Thank You for Your support, Passknacker is a good example.

So import set to: Anzeige als Overlay (visuelle Darstellung auf der Karte) -> Automatic

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