Batch Export of Routes 16 Day Tour

Hi all, and a very Happy New Year from Australia !!

I have a 16 day tour in February and I have done all my Routes in Kurviger. As I use an iPhone I transfer all the routes to my Garmin XT Zumo and the BMW Connected App. Three of my ride buddies use Scenic.

Is there a way to Export a batch of Routes or a whole folder or routes ?

I could write a script but that’s not elegant.


Hello and a happy new year to you too.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to export folders or several routes at the same time. Some people would like to see an improved export function, especially to make it easier to share routes within the group.

My approach doesn’t even request an export - see Access web route from app - #9 by zaphod_42 - nearly 3 years old.

Thanks for that response. You are very well organised though there is still a need to load each route and export each route to a cloud based repository.

The “Send To Scenic” export function is great but again it is one by one.