Basic question to topic overlay / POI

Maybe I didn’t find the right article, but I have some basic questions about POI and overlay.

If I import a gpx file into the app, e.g. with campsites in Norway, which settings have to be applied when importing so that these POIs remain permanently visible on the map?

The same question applies to the web version.
To my knowledge there is no individual login, so my imports are not saved permanently. This means that every time I start a new session, I have to re-import the Favorites7bookmarks/POI? Right?

You have to import the GPX into the bookmarks and activate the option “show bookmarks on map” in the map settings.

Yes, up to now it’s not possible to save such data permanently because the Kurviger website is not driven by a database to provide and store individual information.


… and it’s a feature that’s already been requested, and you can join the discussion and see if progress is happening here

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