Is there a rough estimation of when User Accounts will arrive?

As the title says… is there?
For me it’s the number one feature request and you’ve confirmed multiple times in the old forum that it will arrive at some point. I reeeeeaally want to save routes in an account and transfer first drafts from mobile to desktop, instead of fussing around with .gpx and .kurviger files in my chaotic Google Drive folder :grin:

Maybe if lots of people agree in this post here it will become higher priority?^^


Hi Patrick,

thanks for the question.

In general, this feature is already higher prioritized and I would love to see it. However, it’s one of the features that take quite a bit of time to develop, test, and plan.

In general we don’t provide any time estimations. It’s not one of the features that we will add next week, but that we would love to provide short to mid term.

BTW: for this purpose, I recommend to use urls (well at least I do it like that).

I think, since we already agreed that we would like to provide this feature, we could also create a feature request here. In this category users can vote for features :+1:


Yes, it just arrived :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Hyyyype :smiley: