Avoid rainy areas

You should be always be prepared to cope with rainy weather, but we all know that riding in dry conditions is much more fun. And safer.
Would it be possible to include an “avoid rainy weather” feature into the planning to optimise the suggestions according to the actual weather forecast?
(We had exactly this challenge during our last tour to Italy)

In principle a good idea. But I think this would exaggerate the origin app-function due to following reasons:

  • Which wheather service should be used?
  • an internet connection is always necessary to get actual wheather data
  • increase of costs due to reliable wheather service to be integrated
  • some users want to have it some don’t - how to integrate an acceptable payment model for everybody?

To come back to your request - have you tried the split screen option with two apps in parallel? So you can use kurviger and you preferred wheather app at once.


A wish I have also very labe but so far here was not heard :slight_smile:

Rain areas in a route planning to include will be difficult because the rain clouds are dynamic but me a view would be enough.

That it also goes free shows WunderLINQ and also OsmAnd.



Showing the rain radar on the map and avoiding rainy areas during the routing is both on our todo list.

Showing them is something that we should be able to support in the foreseeable future, avoiding them automatically during the routing is a lot more complicated.

One useful weather feature could be to get a kind of warning while you’re rinding if you’re heading into a rainy area. That could help you to dress up early enough to be waterproof when you’re really entering the rain.