Avoid paved roads

I´m sure that I´m not the only one who ride different types of motorcycles.
When I´m riding my offroad bike I would really enjoy the option to navigate via unpaved roads as much as possible.

Hi Yamazuki, that’s a cool idea. Maybe in the meantime you can help yourself a bit by checking the"avoid main roads" and “avoid motorways” options

Also, have you checked out this topic where we discuss straight line navigation?

Maybe you can vote for it, so that the feature proposal gets more attention

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I want that to!!!

As I’ve also bought an Enduro bike now, I want do use Kurviger for offroad (legal) routes in future.
Was there any effort invested in this discussion of 2019?
What’s the best way to “find” these unpaved roads?
avoid unpaved roads & small roads with “1” - avoid main roads with “3 up to 5”?
Is anyone using kurviger for offroad driving?

Thanks & BR

Not enough offroad riders using kurviger I guess. Would have been a nice function to have prefer/avoid option on all road types.

Offroad routing is still on the road map. That said, legal offroad routes (up to certain degree) are possible with Kurviger.

Don’t set avoid unpaved roads or avoid small roads!

Set, avoid main-roads and avoid motorways to a high number. This will lead you on side roads, which might be offroad. As a Kurviger Tourer you will see the unpaved portions of the route highlighted along your route.

In areas like the Alps, or places where offroad riding is more common this will lead to a lot of offroad. In Germany, there are not that many legal dirt roads, so this might not work that well in Germany, yet these roads are also used in Germany, I know a few in my area that are all used by Kurviger.

I did plan multiple offroad tours with Kurviger and can tell you that it works fine in areas where offroading is more accepted.

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