Avoid / approve toll roads in different route sections

Hi All,
I’m in trouble when I want to plan a route with different settings of Toll road avoidance. If I know well, “Configure strength of avoidances” can be set only for the whole route but not for the different sections - is it correct?
But what if I want to use toll roads only in Hungary but completely avoid them in other countries? How can I do the settings?

For example a simple route: Start: Budapest, Hungary - 1st Via pont: Sopron, Hungary - End: Salzburg, Austria.
I’d like to ride from Budapest to Salzburg as fast as possible. I want to use toll roads in Hungary, but I want to avoid toll roads in Austria.

You can see some example of settings here:

Budapest-Sopron: Motorways, Sopron-Salzburg: Fast and curvy route. Strength of Avoid toll roads: 2
As you can see, routing calculation is used a lot of toll roads in Austria, even though I’ve set “fast and curvy” for the 2nd section and not “fastest”.
Another strange thing, that in Hungary the calculation didn’t use another part of toll highway (marked with red line) although it would be faster.

If I set Strength of Avoid toll roads to 3: nothing changes.
But when I set Strength of Avoid toll roads to 4 it completely changed: it didn’t use toll roads in Hungary, except a short section near Budapest, but it keep using a short part of toll road in Austria too!

So, I cannot figure out a good settings with which I can use all the possible toll roads but only in Hungary.
I think it would be much better if I can set different configuration the strength of avoidances not only generally for the whole route, but for the different sections.


This has already been discussed for K2, also the alternative to define the avoidances per route profiles.
I can offer a trick here only for K2: drive off in Budapest with “toll roads allowed” and then at the border to Austria (in Sopron) simply change to “avoid toll roads”. Then you drive the red-dashed route in Hungary and the purple version in Austria:

I don’t know if this also works with K3 - but should work with stop navigation, re-plan and start navigation.

Thanks zaphod_42 for this trick. I can imagine that this would work with K3 too.
But I would need a real solution already in the planning phase as well. Currently I’m planning a 3,000 km route and I’d like to plan everything to be fine-tuned: time, distances, coffee breaks, restaurants, etc.

Finetuning is also my approach - not for coffee breaks and restaurants but for sights and hotels. However, after rough planning, I divide the route into day trips.
I avoid avoidances and use only route profiles, in Curvy and Extra Curvy the highway is avoided anyway. So far, this has always worked, only now and then I had to help with shaping points.


If you want to take everything, everything, everything, planned down to the last detail, you would have to take my wife.
If you want we can talk about it.
Greetings and sorry for the joke.


Pour ma part j’installe une balise a l’entrée de l’autoroute et une autre a la fin et ensuite avec le planificateur j’autorise les autoroutes entre les deux balises.

Could you send me a photo about her? maybe I’ll think about it… :smile:
Actually I will be responsible for 8 persons, so I’d like to be prepared as best as I can.
I have my special X-force to search for a viewpoint and finally I find seems-to-be-good place where we can park with 6-8 bikes at the edge of road and can see something. Once we finished this break and continue our trip, right after 300m there will be a big parking lot, buffet, etc and a wonderful vantage point…

That’s a version of “Murphy’s Law” - we had a lot of such situations. But that’s life and an important part of motorcycling!


Unfortunately this doesn’t solve the problem. If I set Avoid toll roads to 3/5 and Fastest route to sections in Hungary, it calculates mostly on toll highway in Hungary (but missed a part of highway highlighted in red!).
On the other hand it calculates a big part on toll highway in Austria despite of I set the last section to fast and curvy route.

Dear @boldtrn , I think this is an important area to develop that the user could set precisely in which section wants to ride on fast toll roads and in which section toll roads are not allowed at all. If I didn’t buy toll sticker for Austria but Kurviger navigate to toll road I will have to pay penalty.
At the moment, setting “Avoid toll roads strength” is not a precise tool, it’s mostly unpredictable the result where it will calculate on toll road or where will not. I have to set a lot of shaping points to ensure avoiding / using toll roads in the route.

Thanks a lot for your hard work to make kurviger better!

Right now, the recommendation is to split the route into multiple parts. I understand the need for this. On the other hand, if we build something like that, it has to be usable and understandable. If this makes planning a route super complicated, I don’t think anyone would be happy with it in the end. We had several discussion on this topic, like Feature request: Route segment settings