Automated Split Route into equal segments

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Currently a route can be split into segments using the ‘Split’ function under the way-points.

For the future I am hoping for a more automated way.
I am now in the process of creating a long tour through the Alps but would like to split the route in segments of 350km.
Currently I can do this manually but a function ‘Split Route into segments’ and give a variable for the Segments length would be great.

I am now using Javawa RTW tool for it but that way I always have to switch to another tool.
Besides that, it is no longer developed/supported. A On-Line solution for this would be fantastic.

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Another function that I find ridiculous. :roll_eyes:
I split a route where I stay overnight or plan a longer stay, and Kurviger doesn’t necessarily know that. Unless another function automatically books a hotel or camping site … :rofl:
I really don’t understand what so many automatisms are good for.

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Could you explain what the benefit of an automated split compared to a manual split is? Usually I would expect that you split your tour into day segments or half day segments or something like this. Using an automated split, might result in a tour ending in the middle of a nice mountain pass, that wouldn’t be very nice right?

Hi There,

Well yea, ridiculous for one, a blessing for the other :wink:
The Tool I posted above was created by someone who saw the need for it. And thousands are using it.

And yes you are both absolutely right. In the end you want to sleep.
Every now and then I create routes for groups and then leave booking for hotels to an expert.
For me there are two reasons for the suggestion above.

  1. I like the factor of surprise. I learned that selecting on what i know not always gives me the best experience. Often I am happily surprised by the locations that come out of a more or less random selection. Besides that, I do not think it is a punishment at all to end up on a B&B half way up the hill or on top of a mountain.

  2. So far i hardly ever got the Hotels exactly on the spots where I initially put them. So I stopped putting effort in locating a spot I want to sleep at. Certainly not if the group I travel with is a bit larger.
    There is alway reasons why on the specific location/date there is no place for 15 people. And sometimes not even for 4.

I regularly have an acquaintance search and book the Hotels for me.
She is an expert in searching and negotiating. Prices are often better then when I book it myself.
So I split the route in defined segment of 250-350km (Depending on the people it is for) and drop a pin at the split’s.
Currently I make it understandable for her by creating a G-MyMaps overview showing all the relevant information.
I send it to her and she comes back with suggestions. We discuss them, adjust where needed and I change the route based on the Hotels we selected.

It’s just a suggestion.
I am not a programmer so I can not classify the work needed to achieve something like it.

Are they using it for the split feature? I know this tool and thought most people use it for format conversion?

If you are lucky enough, there is a hotel at the random split :slight_smile:. Usually I would expect that the split comes up as a surprise, then you need to find an appropriate parking spot and start the next route.

Sorry I still fail to see how this would be an improvement over deciding manually where to split the route.

Not sure if there are any statistics on that :slight_smile:
The tool has many functions. Personally I used the ‘Remove Glitch’ and the Split function the most of that tool.
The glitch function you already have in Kurviger

Its a nice to have I guess. If it is to complex to make the benefits will not outway the effort to build.
Any how. The Split function the way I use it should be combined with another request I read about on the Forum.
Combine multiple tracks/routes in one overview. Otherwise you will have a hard time to keep the segments related to each other.

I still think Kurviger is great tool!!
Cheers :beers:


I gave the ‘Split’ function a try
For that Purpose I copied an existing route and named it ‘Test Route’

I select a point in the route. Beneath ‘Split’ It says ‘Route 1’ and ‘Route 2’
I Click ‘Route 1’ It opens a new window containing the first stretch. Including the 'Underlay / original track of the complete route.
The Menu at the left disappeears. So I can do nothing like Save or rename etc.
If I go Back to the original screen ‘Test Route’ I click on ‘Route 2’
The same happens but now for the remaining stretch of the route.

The new routes/segments do not appear under ‘Your Routes’
Only the original ‘Test Route’ is present there.
I use Chrome 84.0.4147.94
On a Chromebook.

There was an issue with the split function, this should work now.

That’s weird, I cannot reproduce this behavior. Does it work after you reload? Has there been a red error pop-up telling you about an error?

I tried that also.
Reload does not help.
I will give it another try tonight when I get home.
See if a full close of the browser helps, or a reboot.
Iĺl let you know later

I gave i another try after shutdown browser.
Now works fine.
Can not reproduce anymore either.

Kind regards

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