Auswertung vehicle:conditional: no @ / Evaluation vehicle:conditional: no @

In Bezug auf diesen “Fehler” wäre meine Frage wie vehicle:conditional: no @ von kurviger ausgewertet wird? In dem Fall war die zeitliche Sperrung abgelaufen, wird aber noch angezeigt, was zu Verwirrungen führen kann. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit abgelaufene Sperrungen zu ignorieren?
With regard to this “error” my question would be how vehicle:conditional: no @ is evaluated by kurviger? In this case, the time lock had expired, but is still displayed, which can lead to confusion. Is there a way to ignore expired locks?

We try not to show expired road closures, if we can parse the date correctly. Unfortunately, conditional access tagging is not as standardized as I would like it and there are way too many formats. My guess is that Kurviger was not able to parse the date correctly. My guess is that at this particular issue, it was the time:

no @ (2019 Oct 7-2019 Nov 8 00:00-24:00)

One example where it works correctly:

There are two conditional access tags on this route. But only one is shown, this one is ignored.

There would be way more issues if we’d show old access:conditional tags :slight_smile:.