Austria blocks roads near Innsbruck for transit

Since this weekend Austria blocks the transit near Innsbruck, driving out of the highway is not allowed.
Police is controlling.
See this link here for information
Starting next week Austria also wants to stop the transit in Reutte /Tirol and Kufstein/Tirol also.
So nobody should be able to drive to Tirol without highway (and for sure without paying for it).
The authorities of Tirol mentioned in an radio interview that they’ve given information to several navigation developer to integrate this special routing information in their navigation systems.
Are you also planning to prepare something for these cases?
In reality I don’t know how we’re driving in future through Tirol, because for sure we don’t want to use the highway and want to drive free around.

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Wait so all these roads effectively became “access for residents only” or how is this supposed to work? What if you tell the police patrol that you want to drive THERE and not THROUGH the area?

That all really sounds spontaneous and not thought out…

At least they did not contact us :slight_smile:.

This all really depends on how it will be used in OSM and how it will be enforced. The topic is currently discussed in different OSM forums and on the OSM mailing list. Let’s see how the situation works out over the next weeks. Right now there isn’t much we can do unfortunately.

@ Patrick:
It’s performed by the police that they check everybody driving down of the highway, asking them where they want to go. If someone says " to Italy" or something like this, then they send them back on highway.
This weekend in 2 locations they’ve stopped more than 1000 cars (each) :frowning:
For sure in future we’re always planning now to stopp in Innsbruck for sightseeing…
That’s only the beginning…Reutte and Kitzbühel will follow.
It will be interesting for all the hotels in Kitzbühel, Zillertal and Wilder Kaiser, because they always propose not to use the higway to safe money, because it’s only two steps on the highway…they’ re loosing merchandising arguments.
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P:S: I’ve proposed that in future Bayern should block the transit of austrian between Innsbruck and Salzburg, because they always use the highway around Rosenheim :frowning:

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Andreas Scheuer wants to sue Austria :slight_smile: …

Let’s see how this situation evolves.

And now Salzburg will follow for the A10 Tauernautobahn, starting this weekend for 6 weeks. They also want to inform the navigation systems, that they don’t make proposals to leave the motorway in case of traffic…
We didn’t see that any system really works like proposed by the austrian politican.


What is, if you are on the “Bundesstraße” and never have been on the “Autobahn”?
Maybe you want to ride the “Brenner Bundesstraße” all the way to Italy.
Do they force you to use the “Autobahn”?
What is if you haven’t payed the toll for the “Autobahn”?
Does the police then sell toll tickets?
Or do they just prevent you from leaving the “Autobahn”?


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This is such a mess

It’s quite a natural development and totally understandable. The traffic in these areas has reached dimensions that cannot be tolerated any longer. Just change the perspective for a moment and imagine you sitting in your garden, around you every day’s life going on with children, pets etc. and all of a sudden you have highway traffic rolling through. Maybe this picture is made a bit too drastically, but basically that’s the point.
It’s funny to discuss this on a forum for navigation software, btw :slight_smile:
I forgot to mention: what really makes it hard to keep my temper is when I see these countless X, Q and elsewhat buckets pulling trailers packed with bikes. Just a thought …

Dude you’re totally making a very very good point, but I think we actually don’t disagree about any of that. I think we’re all really complaining about the organization, about how the authorities have handled this, it’s so bad it becomes funny again :smiley:

(which makes this an important topic for a Navi forum because our Navi may be very wrong by the way :wink: )

No sorry HaWo, I don’t understand this behavior, even if I’m located in Munich and often on roads in Austria.
It’s not the problem, that they do that, it’s the communication.
It’s not necessary to inform public one day before starting .
And it’s not necessary to block the LKW regularly without any reason: to inform that they blocking starting on friday and then start on Thursday to block all persons who wanted to drive through before friday and come home).
That only politics, nothing more - they want to change traffic to the train, knowing that there are not enough capacities for all cars to change to train. So there is no alternative.
But I have a recommendation: don’t go to Austria for holiday… I think they will think about traffic.

Located in Munich I would like to block the road for all tourists using the A99 around Munich…but it’s not allowed…international traffic by netherlands, belgique, danish, north-germany and for sure no Italien to the Oktoberfest, no austrian people etc.
And I would block all austrian traffic between Salzburg and Innsbruck using german roads to save time… or making the toll very expensive that they will love to drive via Italy from Innsbruck to Salzburg…