App TomTom Go Ride Motorcycle GPS problem

Greetings to the whole community.
I ask for support regarding the problem described below.
I exported the gpx file to a folder on my PC or phone.
After starting the track with TomTom Ride GO Ride Motorcycle, the preselected waitpoints, such as a petrol station, disappear.
This detail is very important when planning a trip given that the Waypoints are calculated based on the fuel autonomy.
What can I do to solve this problem?
I noticed that the problem also occurs with other Liberty Rider apps

You could use the Kurviger App :slight_smile: - with the Kurviger App you can ride your route exactly as planned with all details that you included in Kurviger.

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I’ve never tried it, I’m very happy with the TomTom Ride app.
I’ll try as soon as possible.
Does Kurviger also report speed cameras?

Bonus information: When importing a gpx file you have always deviations due to different route calculation method and/or map data of the receiving device. Also the information stored in the gpx file during creation varies depending on the parameters setup by user. After import of a gpx you always have to verify if the route and it’s parameters are identical to your origin planning. As Robin already suggested - use the kurviger app and the *.kurviger format to transfer the planned route to the app and you will get rid of any deviation :slight_smile:

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You convinced me, thank you so much for your precious contribution.
I’ll have to get used to kurviger app.
I’m learning to use it, I’m a newbie

we are here to help… just ask or use the search function (top right) :blush: