App keeps sending me back to previous waypoint

My route is going from A to B via waypoint X; I get to waypoint X, and carry on, everything is fine so far.

Now there is a road closure between X and B, or maybe I simply make a wrong turn. Instead of recalculating a route to B, the app directs me back to X even though I’ve already been there:

The first time this happened I put it down to my own stupidity, but then the same thing happened two more times last week, so perhaps there is an issue with how the app keeps track of already visited waypoints?

Do you mean, this happens while navigation was running all the time?
Or did you stop navigation after you have passed via-point 1 and started it again?

That is something that happened to me during my vacation. At the moment when I made a small unexpected turn or left the road to get gas or eat at the restaurant, the application tried to return me to the start or points through which I had already passed.

I already mentioned it here in the forum.

Did this happen with 3.0.10 or 3.1.0? With 3.1.0, we have massively increased starting the navigation, when not on the route.

My trip started on June 23.

3.1.0 was released in mid July, 14.07.23.

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From what I recall, one on occasion I stopped at the waypoint for quite a long time, and would have removed my phone from the holder and probably stopped navigation to resume later.

The other two times I was just riding along and it wasn’t possible to stay on the primary route due to road closures. Although one of those was several closures in a row, that is - the initially re-calculated route turned out to be blocked too.

I’m not sure - all three occasions were between 6th and 15th July, but when I checked my phone today it shows 3.1.0

Ok, if this happens again with 3.1.0, please let us know, this should be fixed with the new version.


This afternoon I did a little test deviating from the marked route. The recalculation has been very fast and correct.
I am happy.

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