App: GPS logging "Snap to route"

Use snap to route function also while recording GPS locations.

Suggestion comes from discussion here.

How do you know that the GPS-recording isn’t what you have really ridden?
The map could be wrong as well.
@Beemer did you try to restart your smartphone?
Somtimes, this could help to resolve GPS-sensor issues.

I think GPS-recording should record the actual GPS-position, not some faked snapped to route.

Snap to route for recorded tracks could lead to various wrong results:

  • what if you actual rode a parallel street?
  • what if you had automatic recalculation switched off?
  • what if the street on the map is wrong or outdated?

On one occasion the recorded track was actually in the river next to the road I was driving. Another time the track was on a slope next to the road.

True. The route was on the road proper though.

Yes, tried. No change.

Agreed. But this is true for plain navigation as well and yet we snap it onto the route. I think the only problem is to define a distance after which the system assumes you did a detour on purpose. Again, same as in the navigation is it not?

Lets see what others observe here. Its not the biggest of issues anyways.


That only paints the locations on route for navigation visual pleasure.

Navigation algorithms obviously continue using actual GPS locations.

If we introduce a “Snap to route” in GPS logging, then the recorded locations will not be what GPS really reports, but what snap calculates which can never be foolproof.

GPS logging should contain exactly what the sensor reports. And in my opinion the data is correct. An example: (I actually did this for the RAW discussion).

I just saw, that the track isn’t shown in the shared version, therefore a picture:

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I am not sure I understand. The red dotted line is what you recorded?

If so, then you could never snap of course as you are far off the planned/loaded route. This is not what I am talking about.


Tom, I should have written a little bit more … sorry. This picture (despite the track in should show the very exact recording of GPS logging. Not more!

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That’s correct, so nothing more should be done here.

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