App: Recorded track can be off the road/route

Hallo Tom, Du kannst folgendes Versuchen zum GPS: 1. Hauptmenü > Einstellungen > Standort > Standortservie wechseln, 2. Hauptmenü > Einstellungen > Navigation > Position auf Route anhaken. Zum Tracking: Hauptmenü > GPS-Aufzeichnung > GPS-Aufzeichnung anhaken. Ich hoffe das ist das was Du suchst?
Hi Tom, you can try the following to GPS: 1st Main Menu > Settings > Location > Switch Location Service, 2nd Main Menu > Navigation > Check Snap to Route. For tracking: Main Menu > GPS logging > Check GPS looging. I hope this is what you are looking for?


Thanks for your answer. Yes, this setting was on, and yet the recorded track was off occasionally (not everywhere) by 20-30m.


The option “Settings | Navigation | Snap to route” is used only in navigation and for
decorative reasons: it just renders the location marker snapped on calculated route.

GPS logging works independently and uses directly the GPS sensor and its reports.

This is not what I observe. The location marker is off as well. In fact, the recorded track follows the tip of the location marker.

So can this be snapped to the route then?


Like explained the “Settings | Navigation | Snap to route” is where to show the location marker during navigation:

  • On route line
  • On GPS location

They are independent functions, so GPS logging currently can use exact GPS locations without artificial snapping.

I think you misunderstood. What I wrote is that despite the “Settings | Navigation | Snap to route” being ticked it still is off the route.

What I meant is whether you can change it such that the position is always on the route (in case there is a route which is near)


You mentioned in 1st post that the logged GPS location can be “not exactly” on route in the recorded track. That is normal / expected and depends on device’s GPS sensor quality.

Navigation settings affect only navigation and “snap” setting is purely for visual purposes.

GPS logging has its own separate settings and it works directly with GPS sensor.

That’s a different request and asks if GPS logging can be overridden and instead of recording the actual GPS sensor reports, it modify them trying to snap them to an existing route with all possible disadvantages that such custom modifications can cause.

Do other users find such option useful?

Yes, and this just doesn’t work ! The visual indicator is NOT on the route.

What disadvantages do you mean?

Then why do you mention GPS logging in your report?

What does it have to do with navigation options?

What is the actual report here, can you mention 1 thing per topic?

Because this doesn’t snap either.

No idea. This is the only option related to snapping, right?


  1. Visual indicator does not snap

  2. Recorded track is off the route

I can add a separate topic as well or you can split this up as you did before, let me know.

These are 2 separate things or reports:

  • Navigation: …

  • GPS logging: …

Please create separate topics for each report, don’t mix them or it will be impossible to review them.

GPS Logging sollte immer die tatsächlich gefahrene Strecke zeigen.
Dann kann man hinterher auch Route und Track gut vergleichen.

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Exactly. But this doesn’t happen at the moment!

Sorry, it’s really difficult to understand what we’re discussing here…

Seems 2 different things confused together:

  • One report: Snap to route on navigation does not work
  • One feature request: GPS logging to snap location on existing route

When you clarify in different topics what actually we want to discuss, I can help more. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have just added one topic about the navigation. Maybe you can rename this topic to: “GPS logging to snap location on existing route”



I created a new topic to have a clear discussion for the feature request:

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Please let’s discuss the report and the feature request separately in their topics:

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