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is it possibile (or planned) that I can show some different tracks (2-4) beside the main route and in different colours.
I often used this in the past with two devices. The navigation route on my old Zumo and this main track + some additional on my garmin eTrexs (for me a modern paper map).

Why? I often plan a main route an some backups with shortcuts (if the time is getting late) or with some extra excursion. Then I give them diffrent colours. With this I can see with one view on the garmin where I am and when I’ve to decide if I want to follow route a or b. If I decide to change my route I follow the track on the map for some time (if it is short) or I load the new route (that is prepared on both devices)

So it would be great if I could decide after loading a route if I would use this for navigation or only for showing as a track in a specific colour

greetings Marco

Kurviger Pro allows to show all curvy route modes at once.

And you can import kurviger or gpx routes as track overlays.

Please see the manual for more details.

Hi Thank you,

I tried this now. It works for 80% :slight_smile:
I can import some tracks and show them beside the route.

But it is only possible if I import them as gpx file, not if i load the with a tour-link etc.
And all the tracks do have the same coloure.

That’s not bad - the rest are proposals for some optimization :wink:

*.kurviger works too :wink:

Not necessarily.
You can change the track colour in “settings | routing | track-color”
If you change the track-color before each import (track as overlay!) you get different color for each imported overlay.


I was looking for a way to have different colours for different overlays. Thanks for pointing this out. Anyway, I wish, setting the colour for an overlay could be an option during import.

This feature would help me to import different types of overlays to support my planning: e.g. different types of POIs vs. route closures.
I often use Overpass Turbo to extract different types of helpful information from OpenStreetMap and import this to Kurviger.

Any chance to see this in the future?

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The discussion is about track lines, not POI markers.

Possibly the import dialog could offer a color option.

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I did not distinguish between POIs and ways when importing GPX data as overlay until now. I followed the documentation. I think I’m not talking about POI in terms of layers or bookmarks.

Would love to see this!

GPX schema does not contain color attribute, we need extensions.

OsmAnd uses the common hex format “#AARRGGBB” or “#RRGGBB”.
(see OsmAnd docs)

Example for track red color (with transparency):


This will be needed if you want the GPX files to save the track color.

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No need for colors in exported tracks, let’s keep GPX files official and simple.

Colors can be best used within the application to differentiate imported tracks.

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There is a workaround, but not very comfortable:

The import window will have a color button to select the color of the imported track(s).



Available in Kurviger 2.2.8 (Beta).

Implemented in Kurviger 2.2.20.

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