App: Change track color, width, style

I like change the width and color of track.
It is seen as a red and narrow dotted line and when I want just see the track, not navigate, it is dificult see it.
I like it on app and web page if it is possible.
Thanks !

If mean GPS recorded track, can change its color and width in app “Settings | GPS logging”.

If mean imported GPX tracks, currently there are no options for color / width.
And if implement options for GPX tracks, then must do it for GPX routes too.
So they are 4 new options, seems too many, need to think if worth the effort.

I mean in imported GPX tracks.
In the GPX routes you can change the route color and width in App.
If possible only in App it will good … for me :wink:
Thanks !

GPX routes have green dashed lines, similar to red GPX tracks.

Currently can change:

  • Calculated routes: “Settings | Routing”
  • Recorded tracks: “Settings | GPS logging”

Yes, I thing it could be interesting a new option for “Imported tracks” :wink:
Thanks !

Track color and width options are available in Kurviger 1.12 (Beta).

Please tell me if you need larger width scaling, e.g. more than 200%.

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devemux56, thank you very much, it’s just what I need :slight_smile:
I think 200% is ok.
Thanks !

I tested it in Version 1.12.2 (Beta).
The settings (Track linestyle, width and color) only affect following imports - changing the setting does not affect tracks already imported (Kurviger file) and shown as overlay.
I do not know if it is a bug or a feature, advantage: I can show several routes as overlay with different colors: Import 1st route, change color, import next route and so on…
Example: Green and yellow overlay:

Regards Markus


Track overlays are not permanent map elements (like the GPS recorded track).
To not complicate implementation - any changes simply affect the next imports.

Let’s consider it a useful feature then! :slightly_smiling_face:

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a further topic: The overlays cover the calculated route - if there are multiple overlays I can not see which variant the route uses.
Example( route color: magenta, track color: cyan):

Where is the route from 1 to 2 ?

I think giving the route the highest z-level would be better.

If my remark is wrong in this thread please - of course - feel free to move it to an other / new thread.

Regards Markus

That’s the design in app and website, the imported overlays are above the calculated routes.

You can change the track transparency or narrow width or dashed style, so routes are visible.

(default settings have tracks with smaller width than routes, so tracks cannot hide the routes)


Implemented in Kurviger 1.12.4.

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