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Nach Rücksprache mit dem Entwickler wurde mein Problem gelöst und der CI Controller läuft nun wieder, wie in der Vergangenheit, tadellos mit kurviger Pro und 2.

Zwei Fragen:
Hab jetzt auch den CI-Controller.

Wenn ich während dem Routing die Karte verschiebe. Wie kann ich dann wieder auf meinen Standort zurück?
(Im stand ausprobiert fand ich da nix und Morgen gehts auf Tour)

Ich habe Neuberechnung grundsätzlich aus. Wenn ich die dann doch haben will, kann ich diese dann auswählen?

Vielen Dank und Viele Grüße


Heißer Tipp: Dokumentation zur Kurviger-App lesen :wink:!


Einfach nur einen Moment warten

Mit dem Controller überhaupt nicht

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I’ve been using Kurviger pro for quite some time and on some long trips and just recently switched to Kurviger 2 subscription. Couldn’t be happier!

I’m also using the CI-controller to zoom in and out, which works quite well.
Switching to Kurviger 2, I noticed that the function “centre position on map”, which can be activated in Kurviger pro by a joystick centre-press now works by a longpress on the back-button.
Has there anything been changed in key assignments? I’s not really a big deal because I’m only using Kurviger 2 now, but centering the map by a joystick press was a bit more convenient.
By the way: there is a dedicated Ci-controller profile for Kurviger. It shows when activating the HUD while using Kurviger.

I can not know what happens in the external input device,
but Kurviger Pro + Kurviger 2 use the same Android keys.

You can try all options in “Settings | Application | External input device”
and see which one works better.

Yes, I tried all of them, the best is “keyboard”.

Using the same Android keys in both apps is an important piece of information. I’ll reach out to the Ci developer, because I think the CI-Profile must be adapted then…thx!

@Hobbyfahrer: Danke für deine Hilfe.

Someone using the Carpe Iter controller can answer these questions:

  • What functions work for you?

    • Zoom in / out
    • Map scroll (up / down / left / right)
    • Center location
  • Is “Keyboard” selected in “Settings | Application | External input device”?

Ich nutze den Controller nicht mehr aber meine letzten Erfahrungen waren: Navigation
App aus Homescreen starten: Ja
Karte in alle vier Richtungen scrollen: Ja
Zoom In/Out: Ja/Ja*
App Menü aufrufbar/nutzbar: Nein/Nein
App Beenden: Ja

*Zoomen nur auf den Kartenausschnitt bezogen

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What option you had selected in “Settings | Application | External input device”,
the “Keyboard”?

Puh bin mir nicht mehr ganz sicher aber ich meine Externes Eingabegerät.

Zoom in / out ok
Map scroll (up / down / left / right) ok
Center location ok
DMD2 Drive Mode Dashboard

Is “Keyboard” selected in “Settings | Application | External input device”?
Kurviger:Externes Eingabegerät > Tastatur
Android: Physische Tastatur > CICTRL > Tastaturlayout > Deutsch (Android Tastatur)

Ulefone 7 / Android 9

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Thanks to everyone for their comments.

I will create a separate profile in the app for the Carpe Iter.

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Meinst du wirklich das Zoomen bezogen auf den aktuellen Standort oder meinst du das Zoomen der Karte, sodass der Sandort irgendwann aus der Ansicht rausläuft?

Das war bisher das Problem.

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You found that the problem was due to another app:

Das bezog sich auf WunderLINQ und nicht auf den CI Controller. Deswegen habe ich ja auch zu WunderLINQ gewechselt, weil das Zoomen nicht richtig ging.

Implemented in Kurviger 2.1.8.

Hi all
Sorry to bring this old topic again to the table.
I use carpe iter control unit since a while and I had several times issues with key mapping. With installed and active CI- Controller, there is some basic mapping to kurviger. Could it be, when activate carpe iter in kurviger (setting external device), there is a double remapping and this can cause issues? For example: ci controller maps hardware button B from [esc] to [-] (zoom out) and kurviger is looking for [esc] but receive [-] and do nothing.

Without CI-Controller (just as native external keyboard device) i see the following mapping:

Arrows Up, Down, Left, Right
Push center = [enter]

Button A:
short press = a
long press = b

Button B:
short press = [esc]
long press = c

Unfortunately I can’t see the mapping for kurviger when CI- Controller is active. He adapts the mapping according the active App and only when this app is active, it sends the events. After this tests, I’m quite sure, the mapping in kurviger works only correct, when CI Controller App is not installed or when at kurviger settings “keyboard” is selected and carpe iter mapping for kurviger is correct.
Nevertheless, the CI- Controller app is not very stable an I would like to suggest to update actual carpe iter mapping in kurviger as follows:

Arrow Up, Arrow down, Arrow left, Arrow right = scroll map.
(Push center) [Enter] = [C] (center map to user location)

Button A:
(short press) a = [+] zoom in
(long press) b = N (Navigation pause / resume)

Button B:
(short press) [esc] = [-] zoom out
(long press) c = B (add bookmark)

Any doubts, remarks, ideas from other CI users?

Regards Matthias

App does not do anything special for any external device.
It just maps Android keys to map functions.

“Carpe Iter” key mappings are similar to “Keyboard”:
(mentioned in documentation)

For zoom in / out probably not all keys are needed?

Suggestions need to describe: Android key code → app / map function.
Important: the Android key codes must be used by the external device.

Available Android key codes: